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Dependable Radiator Repair In Cookeville

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Parts You Need, Service You Can Depend On

Cookeville Radiator Shop has a legacy of excellent auto and customer service at extremely affordable rates! We’re the oldest and most trusted radiator shop in central Tennessee, with over 80 years of experience. Our office staff is courteous and friendly, always happy to answer any question you have. Our auto technicians are seasoned professionals that will accurately diagnose and resolve your radiator and airflow or heating problems for a minimal cost. 

If you need emergency work done call us! We offer 24-hour service. Whether you need radiator repairs or installation for a commercial, industrial or farm vehicle, we’ll always have the quality parts you need and the expert service you can depend on.

Comprehensive Service and Cost-Effective Prices

Cookeville Auto Repair offers comprehensive radiator repair and heating system services at very affordable prices. Our seasoned technicians can re-core and clean any radiator, or find you any radiator part and have it delivered. Do you need precision repairs done on your rig? Our mechanics pride themselves on repairing any radiator problem on time and on budget. Do you have a farm vehicle or industrial radiator predicament? We can handle that too! No matter the size, no matter the issue, we’ll get it resolved. We’re not happy until you are!

A/C and Heating Solutions

We're happy to offer complete air and heating solutions. Our technicians will run performance checks and air diagnostics, check for leaks, flush your cooling system and much more! No airflow problem is too persistent or difficult for us to resolve quickly. We’ll make sure your condenser is cool and your pumps are pressurized. Whether you’re planning on taking a road trip or just using your car for daily commute, our preventative services keep your car running in fine order. 
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